Our services

Labor Liabilities

Our Actuarial Consulting services allows your Company to create Retirement Plans according to the best market practice. Such plans help you to attract, retain and compensate your Employees according to your long term goals assuring that your Company takes full advantage of the fiscal benefits afforded to pension schemes.

Financial Risk Management

We provide our clients with Financial Risk Management consulting services related to compliance procedures required by Government Regulatory Entities (Banxico, CNBV, CNSF, Consar). We can also help large Companies to measure their investment risks.

QUANTS developed in-house software to assess all financial risk measures required by Circular Única de Seguros of the National Insurance Commissioner, as well as CONSAR's Circular 62-1.

Affinity Programs Assessment

Affinity schemes are being offered by several Companies to enhance their relationship with clients and to create stronger brand loyalty.

Since not all "points" or "rewards" granted by these programs are actually collected by clients, an actuarial assessment of the actual value of benefits is necessary to attain a state-of-the-art management of these Programs.

QUANTS performs actuarial valuations of Affinity Programs. Our consulting services in this area comply with NIF-C9 accounting principles, providing our clients with an accurate financial value of their client loyalty programs.